November 16, 2011

Out of Office: Using the Internet for Greater Freedom in Your Work Life

No, VisLives! hasn't been hijacked by spammers.  Rather, this blog entry is about another project I've been working on that is tangentially related to my visualization work.

You see, when I work on visualization, I'm also telecommuting.  Now, my friend Gihan Perera, is also a telecommuter - a Digital Nomad, in fact - so we decided to write a book together sharing our telecommuting knowledge and experience.  And it's just been published!

The book is called "Out of Office", and is ideal for you if you like your job or your business, but you’d like to use the Internet to get more convenience, comfort and freedom in where and when you work.  The book will help you move “out of office”, part-time or full-time, without you being out of sight and out of mind.

Find out more and get the book here.

Special Offer: Readers of VisLives! can get a 20% discount off the price of "Out of Office" by entering the word freedom in the password box on the Out of Office book's Web site.