June 10, 2011

Pervasive Visualization

Today I came across an interesting blog post listing 21 Everyday Visualizations.  As the title suggests the article lists 21 objects we encounter in everyday life that graphically encode information.  The article reminded me that visualization is pervasive; it's not confined to the digital realm.

The objects identified include calendars, weather maps, traffic lights and scales.  The objects represent a fairly small set of visualization primitives:
  • maps
  • icons
  • gauges
  • dials
  • histograms
  • pie charts

For the full list visit the Epic. Graph blog.  If you can think of any other commonplace visualizations then please suggest them to Mark (the Epic. Graph blogger).  I've suggested the financial indicators used in business news (TV, print, web) to indicate daily movements in stocks, indices, exchange rates, commodity prices etc.